Stuffed (us and the chicken)

September 4th

I had invited my best London friend and her husband round for dinner before they jetted off on their second summer holiday! Shocking I know. I had recently seen a cooking show where someone did saltimbocca, and rather than cooking veal, I decided to do a similar dish, stuffing chicken and wrapping it in pancetta. But what to stuff the chicken with?

I decided to stuff it with a mixture of sundried tomatoes, basil and olives blended to form a paste. This would then be served with whole-wheat spaghetti tossed with spinach and cream cheese.

I didn’t follow a recipe but here is what I did:


3 chicken breasts

12 slices of pancetta

1 tsp of light cream cheese

3 tsps of sundried tomato paste

3 tsps of black olive paste or olive tapenade

a handful of shredded basil leaves

pinch of black pepper


Slit the chicken breasts down the middle and lay open.

Mix the cream cheese, basil, tomato paste and olive paste. Stuff into the inside of the chicken breasts and close.

Lay out 4 slices of pancetta to almost the same width as the chicken breast, making sure that the pancetta overlaps slightly. Then lay the chicken breast onto the pancetta and roll up, like a sausage roll, so it looks like this:

wrapped and ready to go

Bake in the oven for 30 mins or until the juices run clear. I served it with boiled whole-wheat spaghetti tossed with some more light cream cheese, sundried tomato paste and a bag of spinach. Unfortunately it was gobbled down so fast I didn’t get any pictures. If i would do anything differently it would be to make more of a sauce for the spaghetti, otherwise yumtastic.

In case you are interested this meal was sandwiched between a starter of homemade garlic and rosemary pizza bread, and meringue fruit sandwiches. It should be noted that I did not make the meringues, despite spending hours trying to the previous sunday, the skill still eludes me. It was accompanied with both red and rose wine, and Budweiser and Cobra beer, so something for everyone.


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